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Into The Woods
Nature School

Our Kids Learn Outside

If you believe that children should learn through play in a natural environment, Into The Woods Nature Preschool is the place for your child.


Being allowed to run, laugh, play and explore instead of spending hours in forced inactivity in restrictive classrooms should be every child's right. 


Nature Preschool is a wonderful place to practice and learn the life skills needed before entering a public, private or homeschool program. 



We encourage self-directed imagination play and exploration. Children are encouraged to be comfortable spending time on their own as well as learning the value of teamwork. 

Outside Learning

Spending extended uninterrupted time playing outside gives children the opportunity to develop a love of nature and learning. It contributes to their motor, sensory, social, emotional, moral and cognitive development while being an important contributor to both physical and mental health.

Healthy Snacks

We provide a wide variety of fresh fruit at snack time every day. Parents are responsible for providing a healthy, varied and nutritional lunch.

Rain or Shine

We have class regardless of the weather. There is a shelter on our property in case of extreme conditions. 

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